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About Tintown

Cape Town must surely be the most beautiful place on the planet and we draw on this natural beauty that surrounds us for inspiration.

A long time ago, in a garage not so far away, Tintown was born when two ex-advertising creatives decided they’ve had enough of the madness and took their fate into their own hands. Since then we have gone from one tiny trestle to a highly productive – and mostly organized – studio (above the garage, but still).

At Tintown we believe in doing things the good ol’ fashioned way – which means each and every design starts its life on a piece of paper where it gets the love and attention it deserves before it grows up to become part of our gorgeous range.

Because of our background, we understand the importance of brainstorming concepts and then painstakingly crafting the idea until we end up with a result worthy of our Tintown brand. .

Jeanne Ackermann
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